1. To work for social cause, follow feeling and goodwill among the members of the association and others in general by arranging discourse, social gatherings and functions (Festivals, Workshops, preservation through Books Films, etc…). This Academy should be non – profitable Charity Trust.

2. To promote the culture, environment, medical relief, relief of poverty and other charitable objects of general public utility for the benefit of poor, needy and deserving members of public at large irrespective of any caste, creed, color, sex, community or religion in such proportion and manner as the committee may from time to time in their absolute discretion think fit and proper.

3. To establish, run, manage, maintain and/or support homes for senior citizens at any place or places in India with or without the facilities like libraries, , medical centre, fitness centers, etc and furnish and equip the same with all necessary furniture, fixtures and amenities.

4. To promote, propagate and make all efforts to train people in arts, crafts, technical and other fields to enable illiterate and uneducated people to stand on their own feet, to establish, maintain and/or support libraries, reading rooms, laboratories, research centers, archives, documentations (including audio/visual records) for advancement of education and knowledge in all fields of education.

5. To frame necessary schemes for the welfare, progress, unity, betterment and development of people at large in social, formal, moral, logical, intellectual, cultural, economic, educational, medical, health and such other fields and to make all possible efforts to execute the same and to establish and conduct necessary activities and divisions for the same.

6. To establish, maintain and/or support free drinking water centers, fountains, gardens etc. for the benefit of human beings at large. To organize, sponsor and hold lectures, seminars, exhibitions, shibirs, camps, tours, gatherings workshops etc. and to publish and distribute booklets, leaflets, magazines, books, papers etc. in promotion of knowledge among people at large in all or any of the aforesaid objects.

7. To establish, conduct and manage (all Mediums e.g. Marathi, Hindi & English) K.G., Child Nursery and Play Group, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, professional and technical institutions imparting primary, pre-primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduate and post graduate education in all branches of Arts, Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Law, Vocation, Politics, Literature, Religion, Culture, Fine Arts, Crafts, Journalism, Engineering, Medicines, Information Technology & Education college such as D.Ed., B.Ed., B.P.Ed., B.P.E.., M.D., Management courses, D. Pharmacy, B. Pharmacy, Dental & Medical College, Agriculture college, Animal Husbandry College ,courses and training programme . Nursing Courses and College , and other Universities Courses Programme , and Farmer Development Programme and backward Cast class development program . and Computer and Technical . Premedical courses etc.

8. To start Teacher’s training courses, Vruddhashram for senior citizen, Boarding House for poor and needy children and other Social activity etc.

9. To organize camps in rural spaces for free medical checkup, awareness regarding AIDS, etc. To establish Ambulance Services.

10. To impart training to Women, girls, deserted Women, Widows and Economically as well as socially backward women, of stitching, handicraft, embroidery courses, sewing, beautician, domestic production like pickle making, spices & papad making etc.

11. To celebrate festivals and National Days like Independence Day, Republic Day, and all festivals with community gatherings. etc.

12. To impart training and to promote sportsmanship through Gymnasium and sports like Chess, Snooker, Volley Ball, Cricket, Golf, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho etc.

13. To encourage the Sports activities by arranging competitions and distributing prizes, trophies, medals to deserving sportsmen.

14. To create awareness among rural people regarding rain water harvesting in order to increase water level and avail water in the underground as well as above ground areas.

15. To provide and promote special education, to preserve the Legacy heritage of India, culture.

16. To arrange to provide financial help to the poor, needy and unemployed persons.

17. To render medical help in general, especially to needy and poor.

18. To aware people about their democratic & fundamental rights.

19. To belt establish, maintain and manage Hospitals, Diagnostic Center, and X- Ray Dispensaries for Indoor and out – door patients, Sanatorium, Mobile dispensaries, Medical College, Nursing homes, Veterinary College and Hospital Ambulance service, training and education in health care aspect.

20. To conduct maintain manage and arrange Medical Camps for general / special health check up and also for providing necessary medical aid and assistance to the needy and deserving students and needy and deserving people, at such places as may be decided by the board of trustees in their absolute discretion.

21. To print and publish Books, Journals, Leaflets, Brochures, Bulletin, Scientific Research papers, and other literatures for dissemination of the scientific knowledge about Medical Science.

22. To uplift the Disable peoples residing in the country socially educationally, medically and financially.

23. To arrange and organize different types of Sports Training and Competitions.

24. To implement the Scheme of Government, Municipal Corporation especially for General Public subject to their condition.

25. To start rural health centers to relieve the addicts of their deadly habits and also organize de-addiction and rehabilitation camps

26. To start rehabilitation center for needy people

27. To grant, help and give assistance and relief to poor and needy people of society and to birds and animals during epidemics, fire, flood, famine, earth-quake, cyclone, tempest or any natural calamity, war or war like situation, civil commotion, riot etc. or otherwise aid and assist in the relief or rehabilitation operations.